Many reasons for siloadmaxX®

for example climate protection


Save Time

Reduce process duration by up to 75%
Standardized measurements allow efficient handling and support cost-effective logistics
Extremly fast loading and unloading with up to 25 tons in 25 minutest


Reduce Complexity

Using the capacity of empty Standard-ISO-Containers: No need for custom-built containers
Saving process steps when transporting bulk goods: No additinoal steps due to reloading in i.e. BigBags necessary
Standard containers are understood not only as transport containers, but also as storage spaces
Mobile and easy-to-use technology support a variety of usage scenarios


Optimize the quality of any bulk good

Handling of sensitive bulk goods through pneumatic loading and unloading
High volume flow with low air pressure
Closed conveying procedure ensures varietal purity and prevents pollution
No reloading of goods necessary
Almost dust particle free loading process

The siloadmaxX®-system offers many obvious advantages – financially and time-related. The reason for that is that you can safe many steps in your process chain by using the siloadmaxX®-system.

siloadmaxX® can simplify complete process chains and reshape them more efficiently. With our know-how and patented machines we understand ourselves as your competent partner in the logistics industry.

Comparing conventional loading processes of bulk goods with the siloadmaxX®-system and the possible process optimizations that come with it makes the above mentioned advantages apparent.


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