Simple and efficient

Versatile loading scenarios – the mobile siloadmaxX® loading technology

  • Easy operation
  • Quick commissioning
  • Robust, component-based technology
  • Almost dust particle free, efficient loading of bulk goods
  • Mobile solution supports a variety of use cases
  • Integration into existing logistic processes

Direct loading from tower silo through siloadmaxX®-system

There are many options to supply bulk good materials. The siloadmaxX®-system can be adjusted to them. Loading from a tower silo through the siloadmaxX®-system saves process steps and is the most direct method of loading bulk goods.

Loading from tower silo into silo truck before loading containers through siloadmaxX®-system

In practice it is often necessary to keep the tower silo free for the loading of silo trucks at the producer‘s site. The small detour from tower silo into silo truck and then through the siloadmaxX®-system represents the most effective option for loading so far. Loading location and loading scenario are logisitcally optimized depending on the customer‘s requirements for the siloadmaxX®-system.

Optional material shipments with the siloadmaxX® modular system

Through that, loading scenarios like the reception of loose material, bagged goods or BigBags are possible with the components of the siloadmaxX® modular system. The loading of easy flowing material with a suction and air pressure blower directly from the material pile without die previous reloading in a funnel or rotary valve is possible as well. All connections of the siloadmaxX®-system adhere to DIN or ISO norms.


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