The siloadmaxX®-System

ATEX certified


siloadmaxX® can simplify complete process chains and make them significantly more efficient. We position ourselves as a comprehensive partner in the logistics industry with offering the siloadmaxX®-system and the possibilities that come with it.


Inventor and Owner

The Pool Invest GmbH is the inventor and owner of the patents for the siloadmaxX®-system. Markets can be developed innovatively by using Standard-ISO-Container as transport and storage units. Unmatched efficiency improvements and savings in time and costs can be achieved with our container loading and unloading technology.

siloadmaxX® loading system

Revolutionary Loading System

This includes the continuous development of the filter system and the unloading machine. SiloadmaxX® revolutionizes the loading of all kinds of bulk goods with ist mobile loading technology. A variety of materials can automatically – free of pollution and without additional processes – be loaded into a Standard-ISO-Container from silo trucks, tower silos, material piles or other storage spaces. Loading with our pneumatically-driven siloadmaxX®-system offers loading speed up to 25 tons in 25 minutes and with that significant time and cost savings.


Minimizing Process Steps

Additional advantages are the result of reduced process steps like transshipment, packaging in BigBags etc. The use of the siloadmaxX®-system enables double-digit savings and creates competitive advantages.


ContainerQuickFlow (CQF)-Systems

Continuous Improvement

The siloadmaxX®-system is being developed continuously. The goal of this development is the creation of a modular standard system to respond to different bulk goods‘ attributes and varying infrastructure at the customers‘ plant.

International Expansion

SiloadmaxX® customers benefit from lower logistic costs and are able to offer their products to a significantly increased customer base. We support regional suppliers to become internationally operating organizations.


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