Bulk Goods

Bulk Goods

Examples of bulk goods supported by siloadmaxX®

  • Very challenging or compacting bulk goods like dusts or powders (clay powder, active coal, binders, color pigments, preservatives etc.)
  • Foodstuff industry products (cereal flours, milk powder, starch, sugar, salt, pepper, malt etc.)
  • Agricultural products (wheat, coffee beans, tea, brewing malt, nuts, beans, mustard corn, seeds etc.)
  • Construction material (sand, cement, limestone, clay, calcite, soil, gypsum etc.)
  • Dry feedstuff
  • Chemical granules (Masterbatches, plastic granulates, pesticides, fertilizers etc.)
  • Other resources (clay soil, talcum, aluminium oxide etc.)
  • Any flowing or pourable bulk goods

General Parameters

Grain size and form
Material density

Further Differentiators

Cohesionless (free flowing):
i.e. wheat, sand, gravel
Cohesive (compacting):
i.e. powder, dust

Other relevant aspects

Specific weight

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